Whoever says that fun has its costs is either bored to death or the most unoriginal person you’ve ever met. If you are thinking of not spending all the money you earn during the free time you have, then you should definitely throw a glance below:

1. Sports
As everyone insists on the importance of sports in one’s life and health, I suppose there’s no need for me to bring in more arguments. I’ll just limit myself to say it’s incredibly fun. For the ladies, take your best friend and go jogging. Gossip during the exercise, it might take your mind off the tiredness. Or guys, listen to some music to take your mind off the heavy exercise.
Jogging is just one option, feel free to ride a bike instead, or go skiing, depending on the weather.

2. Picnics
If the weather is friendly, then you should definitely replace fancy and expensive restaurants with picnics. Get your friends together. Everyone must bring food and drinks, so there will be no need for you to buy lots of extra things, especially if you are well organized beforehand and split the tasks of bringing different things between the company of friends: no need for everyone to bring the burgers to roast.

3. Movies
Organize movie evenings instead of going out to the cinema and pay money for your tickets. You can also take turns in offering your place for this, so that everyone gets to be the host (and clean the mess afterward). I personally enjoy a lot watching soap opera like “Friends” (old, but so comic) and you can have a “Friends” marathon with…yes, your friends. There are many variations to your free movie nights. For example, you can make them thematic nights of comedies, horror or romance; the best or the worst movies; the Steven Segal night; Star wars marathon. When you have gained more experience, you can have an Oscars night, in which everybody would have to dress as a character from one of the movies nominated for the Oscars or cook something to match one of the movies competing.

4. Books
Being intellectual requires some help from time to time. Fun does not always mean fuss. You can find relaxation and entertainment with a book that captures your interest. Books are one of the things that you can almost always find for free: you can have access to a library and have unlimited books there. You can also try Google Books, always an option if you can read books online.

5. Visit relatives
Honestly now, when was the last time you have visited your old grandmother? Telephones from time to time are not enough. Or your favorite aunt that used to bake you pies while babysitting you. Families must always come first, and spending some time will surely disconnect you from your regular restless way of living.