There are several ways to get free flying miles. Most accumulated miles today are not earned by flying but by other methods. Frequent flier programs have diversified into several options. More miles have been awarded by using credit and debit cards than by air travel itself.

The miles have several benefits. Miles can be used not only for free air tickets but for other services. From access to first class upgrade and reservations, flying miles seek new territories.

Frequent Flying Miles Programs
Choose an airline for your regular flying. Make sure it is an airline which you trust and which offers services in all the places you fly to. The more you travel with an airline the more their program will benefit you. Switching from one airline to another will not help you accumulate flying miles. Know the program and the offers that your airline provides.

Expiration Dates
Miles from different programs expire on different schedules. Know the expiration date. Make sure you either use the miles or save them. Do not loose your miles, they will expire. Keep in mind, certain airlines will allow you to buy your expired miles back for a low fee. This can save you money on a ticket. Do the math.

Credit Cards
Credit Cards can be affiliated to frequent flier programs. Linking your credit card to your miles program has many advantages. The possibilities to earn free fling miles increase.

Free Miles
There are several web sites that will offer free miles. How do they work? The services and offers change but the system is basically the same. Miles are given away for free when users interact with certain websites. From survey, reviews, to signing up for emails, miles are given away to either know your opinion on a certain issue or to offer you promotions and products. When choosing find a site that does not invade your privacy. Make sure you are comfortable with the site. Some sites worth checking out are, Mileage Workshop, they have a comprehensive listing of most airlines and specific free miles giveaways. E-Miles offers users that register, the opportunity to earn miles by spending some time “viewing and responding to marketing messages that are relevant” to you. Miles can then be awarded to the airline of choice, major U.S. or international airlines.

Shopping Online
Mileage Plus Mall from United, can be found at, This is an online mall that gives free flying miles for every purchase. Sky Miles Shopping, says they have more than 16 million products. Their site has comparison price features, double, triple and quadruple Bonus Miles offers. Just sign up, shop and earn free miles. Shopping online may not be free but the miles are.

Buy Miles and Combine Programs
Search for different combinations and read the promotions you are sent to your inbox. Airlines will also sell miles. Check the website of your airline to find these opportunities. Car rental also offers miles. If you are not a train man, when you get to the airport ask the car rental for free miles program combinations. Car rental is another way of getting free miles.

Free Opportunities
Delta has several free miles opportunities. You can earn up to 600 miles for each magazine subscription at, You can also enter sweeps for half a million miles at, Hotels make arrangements with flying programs. Find the MRITIM Hotel free miles opportunity for Delta at, Resorts and other thousand of free flying miles opportunities are available at the same site. Take to the sky with free flying miles.

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