Model boat sailing can be taken on by any person. Age is not a problem. All one really needs is certain love for the water and love for navigation. Model boats are used by children, by competing individuals, by enthusiasts and even by engineers or boat designers who test out their designs.

There are some basic things you need to make your own model boat. The most important is the design. You will also need certain materials. Choose the design based on your level of experience and the water you want to navigate on.

Sail or Motor
This guide focuses on sail model boats. While some may think motor boats are cool, there is nothing like sailing the water with a sail. Motors make noise, motors use gas, and motors break down. Sails do not make noise, except the sound of the wind, and sails do not pollute the water nor the air. Sails have been used in sailing since thousands of years before Christ, and they still work great today.

How to make your own Boat model
Step one: Choose your design or make your own design.
Step Two: Print it or draw it on transparent paper. Transfer it to plywood.
Step three: Cut the plywood or wood. You can have it cut or even the design of fiberglass.
Step Four: Add the mast.
Step Five: Add the sail. You can use light cloth.
Step Six: Evolve and take your boat to the water

Choosing your design
For kids, any small boat design can be good to start. Simplicity Boats can give you an idea of how simple it is to make your own design and test it. Find them at They have simple designs to begin with.

The materials needed are graph paper to design the boat, aircraft plywood for the structure, glue, pins, a cutter (handle it with care), some clamps, tape measure, scissors, some light cloth to make the sails, a support as a mast and a few strings.

Draw the design on the paper or download the design. Then cut out the wood and glue it together. Wait until it dries. Add the mast, cut the sail, secure it with strings and take it to the water. It is simple. Try different designs. Learn from your mistakes. Observe the winds and weather conditions. A model boat can be built in hours. Make your boat unique.

If you are interested in more, you can buy professional kits online or find professional model boat design. You can also find model boats at The official American Model Yachting Association,, takes model boats seriously. Their website has a lot of information to get started in professional model boat sailing. Don’t let the big names and long instructions intimidate you.

You don’t have to race or compete if you do not want to. You can even make the boat for the love of making boats. This guide also recommends you build a Soling 1 Metre model boat. It is scaled version of the world famous Olympic Soling one design racing yacht. Sails can be controlled by remote control.

Instead of buying a Soling 1 Metre model boat, you could assemble it yourself. Companies such as Soling,, have some good images and information on the Soling 1. There is an exchange forum, and resources. Buying the kit is not free, but it will save a lot of money. Soling 1 Metre model boats, pre-built, are worth 500 USD or more. The kit on the other hand can be worth as little as 130 USD. Go to or search Amazon or other online retailers for Soling 1 Metre kits, or other model sail boat kits. The kit comes with everything, from instructions to wires, mast, sails, and precision components. Go to for specifics.