*The good thing – and bad thing – about stretch marks is that everyone has them and no one is immune to them. Everyone, from top models to distinguished sportsmen and women, have stretch marks. Therefore, they should not be a cause for embarrassment. It just so happens that some are better hiding it compared to others.
*It is also impossible to 100% get rid of stretch marks. The best one can do is to reduce their appearance to make them less noticeable.
Fortunately, there are natural methods of minimizing the appearance of stretch marks:
1. Cocoa Butter is a very common way of removing stretch marks. Similarly, it has been used by women for decades as a moisturizer since it naturally comes from vegetable fat acquired from cacao beans (the same beans where chocolates are derived from). Essentially, cocoa butter fat places a layer or added moisture onto skin thereby helping relieve mild stretch marks. It also prevents future stretch marks from ever appearing. The best thing about cocoa butter is its inexpensiveness.
2. Consuming foods which are rich in protein, silica, zinc, vitamins E, C, and A all aid in promoting good skin care as well as in preventing and diminishing stretch marks. Specifically, vitamin E improves the skin’s appearance and also functions as a sunscreen. Vitamin E could be taken orally through a supplement or applied topically as a cream. Usually, lanolin is added in vitamin E skin care products and both – when combined – further reduce stretch marks.
3. Being physically active through exercise is a highly effective method of diminishing the appearance of stretch marks. Toning exercises which specifically focus on the area where the stretch marks are found could remarkably decrease their appearance as such exercises help in tightening and smoothing the skin.
4. When lemon juice is combined with aloe vera, women swear by the potency of such a mixture to naturally get rid of unsightly stretch marks. It is highly advisable to rub them on the affected areas of the skin every day. Aloe vera on its own offers positive benefits to the skin. With the addition of lemon juice, the combination further becomes a highly effective skin lightener.
5. Other home remedies for the removal of stretch marks include almond, Vicks Vapor Rub and olive oil. Egg whites have also been used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Drinking tons of water also keeps skin hydrated thereby preventing and removing stretch marks.
6. Believe it or not, applying peanut butter could help get rid the appearance of stretch marks as its oils help in moisturizing the skin. It is important to apply it continuously and consistently for a few weeks and expect that any improvement seen will be slowly but surely.