*Despite being a cliché, the saying that hair is one’s crowning glory actually carries a whole load of truth. Imagine being hairless and you get the picture. Unfortunately, it is normal for anyone to abuse and be careless with taking care of their hair. Though hair does fall out on its own, one may not be aware that he or she is pulling it out faster. It is best to treat your hair gently and with care in order for it to fall out less.
1. Basically, avoid tying your hair in a ponytail or cornrow. Instead, use loose braids and butterfly clips. Also, brush your hair as gently as you possibly can. The old tradition of brushing hair 100 times before going to sleep could actually destroy sensitive hair follicles and is therefore not at all advisable.
2. As much as possible, brush hair carefully. Curly or wavy hair may be more difficult to brush as it has the tendency to offer resistance. Try to run your fingers through your hair first while gently combing. Plus, when brushing, start at the end and then hold the strands of hair you are brushing using your other hand. This allows you to pull the hair using a brush and avoids you pulling the hair from its roots.
3. Contrary to popular belief, brushing the hair before taking a shower is advisable. Doing so helps reduce tangles. Add a conditioner to the mix and sift your fingers throughout the hair. Eventually, this reduces the need for thorough and extensive combing after showering and also helps the conditioner be distributed evenly on the hair.
4. Take in a multivitamin every day. In order to produce gloriously healthy hair, the body needs to have the necessary building blocks most of which is provided by consistently taking in quality multivitamins. Believe it or not, deficiency in iron causes the hair to fall out. Specifically women who experience heavy periods possess a higher risk for iron deficiency. Note that unless you have been correctly diagnosed by your doctor as having iron deficiency, it is not advisable to take in iron supplements as it could cause stomach upset and constipation
5. Go easy on hair styling procedures such as rollers, curling iron and straight blow drying as all these contribute to hair being pulled at the root and cause hair loss. Heat styling also encourages the hair to break. However, if you do have to blow dry your hair, best to utilize a blow dryer for a minimum of five minutes only. Also, best to avoid harsh hair treatments such as permanent waves, bleaches, straighteners, tints and dyes.