*Believe it or not, Gatorade is more than just salty flavored water – though it tastes a lot like it. Gatorade is a sports drink athletes use to keep their energy high especially during lengthy competitions thanks to its balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates.

*Gatorade’s expensive price need not be an issue anymore as you can easily make one and easily too. Plus, you can make your own Gatorade and have it contain the same number of potassium, carbs and sodium as the real one.
1. First things first, make sure you have with you a glass jar with lid, sugar, orange juice or lemon juice, salt, filtered water and a spoon. Basically, all these are stuff you would basically find in your own kitchen.
2. Then, pour half a cup of orange juice or approximately two tablespoons full of lemon juice in the glass jar. Make sure the glass is clean and dry.
3. After which, stir in about eight tablespoons of sugar and make sure it dissolves in the mixture.
4. Add in the salt – ¾ tsp of it – and ensure that it dissolves too.
5. Next is to pour two liters of water, preferably the filtered kind.
6. When everything’s combined, shake it well.

*Viola! You are now a few bucks richer and the makers of Gatorade a few dollars poorer. The best thing is that you could proudly pat yourself in the back for your MacGyver-like resourcefulness, never mind that it is just in the sports-drink-making category.