*Initially, there was the term “horse whisperer.” Few may relate it with Robert Redford and his movie starring a very young Scarlet Johansson. But originally, the term goes way back during the 19th century when a man called Daniel Sullivan became popular for treating abused, traumatized and vicious horses to recovery.
*Now, Oprah’s Cesar Milan has spinned the word to refer to dogs and the way he “whispers’ to them to lead them into submission He is actually so good he helped Oprah become a dog whisperer herself. Fortunately, you do not need his services to also become one.
*All you need is to be sensitive to what your dog needs and to learn more about their basic canine psychology. The following are simple ways to help you be more familiar with basic dog behavior.
Basically, a dog whisperer is one who trains dogs while adapting a sympathetic approach on the dog’s desires, needs and motives.
1. The fact of the matter is that dogs have very simple needs. They have to have water, food and a comfortable sleeping area. Dogs are also innately playful and have the desire to interact most of the time. Being able to understand your dog’s desires help you communicate with them effectively as well as set up boundaries to further assist them in living in your home and in any domestic situation.

2. Playing is critical to a dog’s development and social involvement. Make sure though that it is you who is controlling the game not the dog. Believe it or not, dogs love to follow orders and obey rules. If you ever see your dog playing with your flipflops or shoes and every time you try to take it away from him he runs away and makes you chase him, be aware that the dog is playing you when it should be the other way around. As much as possible, do play with your dog, but make sure it is you who he considers as the leader.

3. In order to train your dog to sit when you order him to, use a six-foot lead as well as a few doggy treats. Then, pat his rear gently while you tell him to sit. When the dog does sit, make sure you reward him with the treat. Repeat the process by walking a few paces with the dog and then say the “sit” command. Do not forget to press the dog’s rear gently and to reward him. This should be done each day for a week until your dog gets to be familiar with the command.

4. One way of teaching a dog to consider you as a leader is by controlling his food. Being able to control the time you feed your dog is an effective way of training him to follow the command “stay.” Familiarizing your dog with the “stay” command at mealtime helps establish you as the true `leader of the pack.’ Food is an excellent method to motivate dogs and being able to control it is a good way to similarly control their behavior.

*Note: Do not use water in training your dog. As much as possible, provide your dogs free access to water as this is critical to their health and well-being.