*Though it is a lot easier to simply purchase a can of dog food off the shelf and feed it to your dog, nothing beats the art and the heart of actually making one.

It is difficult to actually make the time to create homemade dog food, but the fact that a lot of store-bought dog food has been recalled due to the food poisoning it has caused – some of which has been fatal – making your very own homemade dog food speaks of how concerned you are for your pet’s welfare. Believe it or not, most commercial dog food is not good for dogs as the meat it uses is not even fit for human consumption.

*Plus, creating your own dog food ensures that your dogs receive fresh and uncontaminated nourishment as only its beloved master could deliver.

It is highly advisable for dog food to include 75% carbohydrates and only 25% meat.

*Note: Best to check with your trusted vet prior to switching your dog to homemade dog food.
1. Before making your own homemade dog food, remember a few important details: dogs cannot properly digest vegetables. As much as possible, make sure that the food first go through a food processor.
2. Basic homemade dog food could be made from a mixture of ground meat, cooked brown rice, brewer’s yeast, vegetables and water. Note that the amount of water depends on how dry or wet you want the dogfood to be.
3. As much as possible, dogfood should be served at room temperature.
4. Mix ground turkey, carrot (that has gone through a food processor) and rice for your homemade dog food. Other types of dog meals could be made from brown rice and ground beef. Rice provides a good source of carbohydrates. Meanwhile, brown rice possesses more nutrients.
5. As much as possible, try to give your dog a wide variety of foods and rotate their menu so as not to bore their doggy palate.
6. To fulfill your dog’s starch requirement, you can use potatoes, pasta and even oatmeal.
7. Cooked homemade dog food must be kept inside the refrigerator. However, if food has stayed in the fridge more than 3 days, best to throw it away.
8. Add a tad of flaxseed or codliver oil in your homemade dog food as this possess healthy omega 3 which helps keep their coats healthy and shiny.
9. Besides beef, other types of meat which could be included in dog food include tuna, chicken, lamb and liver – do make sure that the meat is ground.
10. Believe it or not, dogs also like biscuits and peanut butter. These could be made by adding a mixture of flour, powdered milk, bone meal and brewers yeast. Peanuts are safe for your dogs. However, keep dogs away from macadamia nuts as this has the tendency to cause paralysis.

Note: Bone meal is necessary in order for your dog to receive calcium.

11. Make sure to avoid the following foods as these could cause your dog to have seizures, kidney failure and poor blood circulation: chocolate, coffee, tea, raisin, grapes, nutmeg, onion.