We all love to travel. At least those of us who have got out of our native country at least once. Unless your first trip was to a war zone that is. Traveling costs money, or so we are usually made to believe. However, there are ways to travel for free and sometimes even get paid to do so.

If you’re someone with great imagination and pickpocket skills, you have probably already figured out at least one way to do it, but no, that’s not what I meant. Stealing on your way abroad is the last thing you should have on your mind. As a traveler to a foreign country, like it or not, you are the representative of your country and by leaving a ‘thief’-impression of yourself, you make the lives of other travelers from your country more difficult.

So, before any further delays, how can you travel for free an even get paid for it?

* Regular job. There are jobs around that actually require you to travel, to make presentations in other countries, to stay in nice hotels, and chill. Well, this type of free travel is most of the time work-related and by the end of a year you might start to hate traveling. A friend of mine once worked for an airline and his job was to travel the world for free, stay at Hilton hotels and meet with major business people. Well, that’s the travel-type description of it. He was actually trying to get major corporations around the world to travel with their airlines. Not a very easy job really.
* Relationship marketing. On the previous note – are you a good sales person? You could create a company strictly dedicated to creating new connections, business relationships for your clients. And that, of course, requires world-around travel (on the expense of your clients).
* Become a soldier. If you like traveling the world, you could consider becoming a professional soldier. The negative side is that you usually can’t choose the spot you’re traveling to and there’s a slight chance of getting killed. Then again, for the sake of free travel and getting paid for it, why the hell not.
* Work on a plane. You could always get yourself pilot papers, just make sure you get them in a legal way not from next to Viagra ads in the internet (or your traveling days might end up a bit short). Or you could become a flight attendant.
* Create your own TV show. You could start a TV or internet show of your travels and sell it to either TV networks or earn with advertising in the internet. It definitely could work, but your show really needs to be good then, as do your sales skills to the TV networks.
* Becoming a travel guide is yet another option.
* Travel writing. You must remember one thing here – while for many of us it sounds like a dream job, it’s actually extremely hard to actually earn your living as a travel writer. Only a handful of people can do it well enough and earn enough at the same time. So if you intend to become a travel writer, don’t quit your day job just not yet.
* Become a model. Well, easier said than done, I know.
As you can see, there are ways to travel for free and even get paid for it. The options brought out above are only those which you can use to travel frequently and to different place. If you just want to move to another country, get there free and stay there for free and still get paid for it, you can make up a totally different list.