My little daughter and I are best friends. We talk, we laugh and I feel proud that my child believes her mother is as funny as her playmates. I love playing with her and recently, we had an amazing afternoon together, by creating our personal and unique dolls’ house. It proved to be fun and easy and our result was spectacular. My daughter claimed our house is more beautiful that the one from the neighborhood’s store. And as she is so pretentious, I believe her.
Here are some easy steps for you to follow. Arm yourself with cardboards, glue, scissors, colored paper and threads. And most important, patience and a smile. When ready, just follow our tips:

Step one. Bend a bigger cardboard- that would be the roof of your house. The others will be used for the floor and the levels of the house. Stick the pieces carefully with glue. If the cardboard is not already colored, or you don’t enjoy the design part of the building, use your own drawings or cut up funny pictures from an old stories’ book. The most important thing is to use a firm and of good quality cardboard, in order to make your building resistant.

Step two. A modern house like yours needs to be fully equipped. Ask your daughter to search among her toys. As she probably has a lot of them, even during these days, you will surely discover tiny beds, chairs and tables that you can use as furniture for the under construction building. If you can’t find the suitable articles, be creative and replace. The box of matches can become a chair, a photo frame covered with material can be the bed and your jewels’ box, an excellent wardrobe.

Step three. What would be the purpose of the house, if there weren’t for dolls to live inside it? Design them with the perfect size. Make the body out of thread balls. For delimitating arms, legs and the head, use small tied threads. You can make your dolls blondes, brunettes (we made them blondes by using yellow threads stuck with glue and then my daughter stylized their haircuts with clips). If you have colored pieces of material, cut and dress them. Finally, eyes and lips can be made of sewn or stuck buttons or beads. Then introduce the new dolls to the current ones and make them a big happy family.

If you have some free time, you might want to try this. Our result was impressive, or at least this is how we saw it in the end. The most important thing – it does not matter what amount of money that you save, the most important thing is in the fact that, along with saving, you get to do something original that will develop the creativity of your child and also, have a great and pleasant time. And this is a single example among the many, many hand-made things you can do. Whatever you choose, I’m sure you will experience a great feeling at the end, as you will admire your own made “whatever thing”. Good luck!