Most students fail when sitting an exam because they are not prepared. Here are some tips that will help you get through the difficult times of an exam.

Step one: Be prepared.
There are no easy ways. Study hard and prepare. This will not only give you confidence, but it will reflect in your final score.

Step two: Plan your study hours.
Focus on your exam. Prepare a plan months in advance. Use a calendar, make a schedule, and more important, follow it!. Experts agree that the best way to study is to use morning hours (3 to 4 h), afternoon hours (1 to 3 h) and night hours (1 to 2 h). So divide your day in three study sessions – morning, afternoon, and night. Don’t study without taking breaks, it is not good and usually it’s rather useless. Morning hours are good to take in a lot of information. Afternoon hours are good to go through what you studied in the morning. Night Hours are good to do short summaries, and memorize the basic points. Everybody knows human concentration fades after approximately 40 minutes. So take short breaks. Eat well, rest well, it will help you get through the study sessions. An organized plan will help you pass. Organize the subjects first through months, then weeks, then days. Set targets to reach in days, week and months. Check to see if you are following your targets. If information is too vast, make summaries, do charts and divide it into chapters. Study each section separately and then unite them and relate them.

Step three: Study place
A good place to study is very important. Study near windows, in open places. Don’t be distracted by the TV. Soft music is good to study (but it depends on the person), but don’t rock it out. The more important aspect is a good table, and a good chair. Make sure you have everything you need before you start, don’t waste time getting papers, pens, etc. during your learning time.

Step Four: Visualize Success
You can try memorization schemes. Some people retain information with visual methods, others prefer to understand it. Do graphs, charts, relate and compare. Make sure you don’t only know it, but you understand it. There is no point in repeating things like a robot. This will not help you through complex exams.

Step Five: Positive attitude.
If you are stuck with an exam, there is no point in getting moody (it never helps nor improves anything). Have a good and positive attitude. Try to find inspiration. Apply the knowledge to examples that can be present in your world. Don’t be negative, depressed or distracted. Don’t say tomorrow. Get down to it and give it all you have got. This way even if things do go wrong, you know you tried your best. Students can achieve magnificent things if they set their minds to it.

Be constant. Follow this plan. Pass your exams, they are the road to freedom.

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