Are you sick of chasing waves in filled waters? Want the pleasure of surfing the best waves in secret locations? Still looking for that perfect wave? Still searching for the secret locations, where the winds are just right, and the water rises and rolls in perfectly? Where the beaches are beautiful and constant, and the waters and beaches are silent? Become one in a perfect communion with nature. Here are some of the best surfing points for you.

Brazil is growing to be a world-wide surf destination and is giving the world great professional surfers. North Brazil is perfect for it and you can surf there all year round. The warm waters here break the shores with constant power. Examples of secret beach in Brazil are the Arpoador beach separating Copacabana and Ipanema, Grumari beach or Joá beach. Ask local people for more information. You will soon realize why Brazil is the growing figure in international surf.

In the South of Brazil in the State of Santa Catalina du Sur, you will find Praia de Rosas. This small beach in the South of Brazil is a perfect location to surf. Year round waves hit the coast. Most people consider the North of Brazil as the only place where waves can be ridden. Praia de Rosas literally translates into Beach of Roses. This is not because the area is filled with Roses, but because the beach itself was owned by a man name Rosas. Locals are willing to guide you and surf side by side with you. There are daily year round surfers in this beach.

Filled with shore lines and beaches, Australia still has many places to be discovered. With friendly environments, Australia is the place to go if you feel like different surfing. If you are also into nature, then Australia marine systems have a lot to offer. From the Western Australia, to the cities and towns, Australia continues to be one of the top locations chosen by surfers. Examples of secret beaches in Australia are Lancelin, filled with beautiful reefs; the legendary Surfers Point of Marget River, which is a more isolated region and is referred to as the source of Australian Surf Culture; or Nigaloo, the so called wild oceanic paradise.

Bali, Indonesia, is the perfect place for those who need the extreme touch of life. The culture and locations go beyond normal boundaries. There are many beaches providing naturally different surf points and for all experience levels. There are some locations such as Bluffs, a reef rocky beach; Impossible (reef coral); Ketewel (reef rocky); or Padang Padang. They are all considered, even by experienced surfers, strictly for pro or kamikaze only. The dream of Bali can come true. The place where cave opens is where strength of the southern oceans converge. June and September are the dry winter months, these are the best for surfing.

Maui, another legendary location is packed with secret surf spots. To get to know them, you must go down to Maui. No website will post the location of secret Maui beaches to surf. You must mingle and make friends. Whether you are advanced surfer or less experienced, Maui has it all. From the friendly Honolua Bay, to the Point, and Cave. This is the sort of place you need your Jet skis to take you past the break point. Jaws beach is where 15 to 20 feet waves rise. Maalaea Harbors is said to be where one of the fastest waves in the world are. Maui is the place to go if you are into “serious” surfing.

Indonesia is a continuation of islands, each of which is a paradise. Java may be among the most well known, but it continues breaking daily myths. Other most secret locations are Mentawai Island off West Simatra, West Java, Panaitan Island, Lombok and the Desert Point. Point X, West Sumbawa and the Lakai area, with spots such as Sumbawa Scar Reef, Super Suck, Yo-Yo’s, Nias Island. Island after island the blue waters break in different forms under sand or under the reefs. From 2 feet high to 20 feet and even more, the place is one slide down after the other. Ask the local surfers, they will take you on the ride of your life. If you visit Indonesia, be informed, it is the kind of beauty which can be dangerous.

The truth is that this guide is a doorway to find the secret locations. Once you get to these places, you will have to do some asking around. Hope people there like you, because they are very keen on secret sports to surf. The feeling of surfing alone is nothing compared to that of surfing crowded locations, that is why they are called secret. However, this article assures you these are the gateway to a secret entrance. Hopefully the waves will bring you back to the shore, safely, if they do not, this article is not responsible for surfers security.