Are you looking for a way to sail the World Seas for free? The oceans are open, free and nature’s expression. To sail them is one of the greatest human experience. Sailing in calm water, or in fast winds and seas can be difficult. The seas can be as dangerous as they can be motivating. One thing is certain, they are a never-ending source of inspiration. If you are into nature, and into seas, or conservation, what better way to prove it than to set sail and take off.

There are several ways to sail the seas. A good resource is, Cruisers Log. They say they have all the resources for Cruising Yachts around the World. Their forum contains narratives for those looking for enthusiastic visions of the seas, radio nets and forums where you can ask questions or participate. They have a special section called Crew Finder. Crew finder can be found at

How does this work?
Cruising yachts look for new crew and these are posted online. Generally, these are wanted positions that require sailing around the world. You will have to show you are a team player. It is true that nature challenges a sailor and teaches him infinite things about the World and about oneself. If you apply, be sure you can do the job. It is not that easy, but it can be done if you are dedicated, and responsible.

You can also post your details on this free crew finder. When applying to Cruiser log, they recommended that you read all the advice available on their site. Advice will come in handy when applying for a position. Some positions may even be paid for. Don’t lie in your application, as the crew will know if you have no sailing experience. The sea will take care of that once you are on open waters.

Search through the thousands of posts and positions, in the crew wanted board. There are many options from voyage details, to time span and embarking port details. Read the full page of guidelines and follow them.

So you want to apply for a position, but do not know how to sail? No problem, there are several companies, clubs or organizations that offer free sailing lessons. Learn to sail and then apply. Consult your club for free lessons and preparation. Start a career in professional sailing. Examples of free lessons can be found at, Basic rule lessons can be found at, These are just two examples, there are thousands of other organizations that will provide local free lessons, consult your nearest port or sailing company.