There is a saying that you are the average of your 5 closest friends. Whether this is completely true or not, it doesn`t really matter, but there certainly is a very high chance that you share a lot of interests with most of the people you know. Since you already have loads of people begging for you to fertilize their farms in facebook then why not to start using them for your own good for a change. This article takes a look on how you could profit from facebook or any other social media site’s friends list. This is not close to a complete list but after reading this you can apply the same strategy in your own specific needs. You may not be aware of it, but you are the owner of a very specific advertising channel which is of a great value to many. So my suggestion is that you take advantage of it.

Your facebook friends can help you to…

1. Get free access to clubs. A LOT of clubs are already doing this but you can be the one who gets your favourite club to take advantage of social media. If you think about visiting that specific club then most of your friends would go there, too. They just need a push…from YOU. Send an email to whoever deals with the promotion of the place and say that you can help to get their message to a lot of potential clients basically for free, all you want for your trouble is a VIP card. If they have any idea at all on how useful this is, they will give in. Otherwise 600 people (in your town) will start receiving weekly invites from the rivalling club. That should get the message across.
2.Get free access to a training school. Are you interested in MMA or Pilates? If yes, then also a lot of your friends are. Look up the place that teaches it in your town and make them an offer. You will post some cool videos on just how awesome it is to your friends for a while and then start sending out messages on where to learn it and that you have already joined or better yet looking for people to train with, as many people don`t go to training just because they are afraid to go alone. You can do this with most of the popular practices.
3. Get free concert tickets! So, there`s a kick-ass show coming up and you`re short on cash…no worries!Get in touch with the promoter of the concert and for 2 free tickets you will start to spread the word about what an awesome show it will be but there is only a limited amount of tickets to go around, you were lucky enough to get some and if you all hurry up you can probably manage to get one also because this will definitely be sold-out!
4. Get free education! There are all kinds of cool courses and seminars that you`d like to take part in – internet marketing, time management, learning to speak spanish etc. Half of the people you know would also like to join them. Find out who`s the organiser and offer to help to fill the group. Ask for a small discount you can offer to help you with the promotion and then start preparing the ground. Post a related article on how necessary the knowledge of the specific topic is and what is there to gain. Then post an euphoric note saying that you finally found exactly the place where to study it! You would be very happy if someone would join you in there and if they act now they can take advantage of this discount which makes it really a bargain. Of course you`ll get in for free.
5. Get free coffee or drinks (or even lunch)! Are you a regular in some cafe? If yes then there is no reason why you should pay for your drinks every time. If you like it there then your friends will love it, so keep them updated on all the events and specials and you have probably earned yourself the right to get your daily latte for free from now on. (This one probably will not work when most of your friends live too far from the place.)
PS. You can try this on a larger scale by asking for free food from the place you go to eat when you`re at work. You can spam the office mailing list with daily specials!

This should get you thinking in the right direction. Let us know what else could you get for free by taking advantage of your friends list.