We live in an advanced age where science and technology is dominant. Internet, movies, music and games are integral parts of our lives these days. The piracy issue exists in all of these areas of our lives and piracy is a menace for all of these industries. It is affecting all of these industries and reducing their revenue. In this article we will talk about simple ways to reduce piracy and to protect your content from getting stolen.

Piracy as you know is illegal but still it is increasing with every passing day. The reason is because piracy provides the people with an alternate and a much cheaper way to use something that they would otherwise have to use by paying a lot of money. Now it is a basic human nature that we want to settle for something which comes to us much cheaper no matter if it’s illegal or not. But what’s good for people is not necessarily good for the industries that are suffering from the issue of stolen content.

If you are a webmaster and you feel that your content is in danger of getting stolen then the first thing you should do is get the site protected by copyscape and DMCA. By doing that, you make sure that the content you own is a trademark of your website so that nobody else can use it. If you have a complaint like someone stole my videos, someone stole my photo, someone stole my picture, or someone copied my website then you can visit www.dmca.com and get your content removed immediately under the copyright laws. DMCA stands for Digital millennium copyright act and www.dmca.com is the official site where you can enter your complaint against internet piracy.

Then there is the issue of software piracy. Software piracy basically means that you use software with the same license key on more than one PC. A very familiar example is all the versions of Microsoft operating systems. So why do people do it? Well, because the original softwares such as Microsoft Windows cost too much and some people do not have enough money to buy these softwares. But there is an easy way you can cater this problem. You can use open source or freeware softwares. You can use Linux OS because it is open source and it provides you with all the basic functionalities that one needs to use a computer. In many cases, the open source or free softwares are much better to use then the paid ones. For example Firefox is arguably a better browser than Internet Explorer.

To stop piracy, you should encourage your friends to stop using pirated software. Ask them to switch to open source or freeware software. If you want to protect your content from getting stolen then visit www.dmca.com and we can help you protect your content and if someone does steal your content then just let us know and we guarantee that your content will be taken down from the other websites or the domain will be taken down and a legal action will be taken against the culprits.

Article Source: http://www.dmca.com